The strange death of the Vitaly Churkin



It is not surprising that most are considering this death to be quite suspicious.. quite strange.. quite bizarre.

Adding a bit of intrigue of the injury of his sudden heart attack in New York City, this tidbit of information has been gaining speed on social networks: Wikileaks exposed that John McCain had a strange quest for campaign cash from the same ambassador who is now dead.. 

Since his death tensions are now evident between Russia and Ukraine.. 

His body has been delivered back to Russia.. 

An autopsy was done earlier this week..

City medical examiners concluded Churkin’s death needed further study, which usually includes toxicology and other screenings. Those can take weeks.

The medical examiner is responsible for investigating deaths that occur by criminal violence, by accident, by suicide, suddenly or when the person seemed healthy or in any unusual or suspicious manner. Most of the deaths investigated by the office are not suspicious…

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