Leftover Bieber Fever: Reptilian edition

This report from the weekend:

In Australia, Bieber rented a swanky house and Cameron MacDonald, the Mosman property owner, was allegedly left with a huge cleanup project, according to the report.

On Friday, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Bieber left an unpleasant aroma wafting through the plush premises and it had to be professionally “de-odorised.”

The newpaper’s source said the cleaning was proceeding, including the removal of the dreadful smell.

The biggest smell, reports say: Pot. Word has been around for years that Biebs like the herb.. Apparently the party went overboard in the hotel.

Bieber, for those who may forget, is also a shape shifter. In the past week we were entertained by the stories of ‘at least 100 fans’ seeing Biebs shape shift right before their eyes into a horrid lizard-boy. Something, we are told, he also did during a court hearing. Fox News even has the footage of his eyes turning back and forth from human to reptilian..

But he appears to be a very stinky reptilian.. one who leaves the remnants of his passage long after he leaves the hotel.

And for those who ponder why I continuously cover Bieber. I have for years–since the inception of the little runt as a matter of fact. It’s fun. He is not going away. And my Bieber fever has yet to break.


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