The odd case of Bruno Borges

Thanks to Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, we now have some big attention being paid to this story.. I received a link a day ago and neglected to even pass it through to my own readers.. when I saw the Facebook post from Clyde Lewis and accompanying video, I paid attention..

And the video here:


There are some fanciful (maybe??) rumors that he was abducted by aliens! And even some more on message boards that if you watch the video contained in my post you will suffer strange damage to your ears ..really. As a precaution, I watched with the sound off. Not joking on that point..

One rumor states that Bruno became the statue in the video.

While I must stop myself from complete belief of this, it is awfully strange. Also I have been reading Brazilian news articles about it translated into English.. Borges seemingly is the son of a wealthy restaurant and businessman in Brazil. I would imagine that is where he was able to get the money for the items in the video..

But a cautionary note: The video on YouTue is categorized under ‘gaming.’ Some believe this is an incredibly amazing hoax to promote an upcoming game… a mystery egg online…

The jury is out.

For now, it’s an Alchemist gone missing… and conspiracy theories abound.


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