Confused and angered by mother! while ‘IT’ breaks new records

We talked about MOTHER! earlier today.. 


But now we know: The movie is a FLOP..

Mother is ‘dying’ in box offices with a “F” cinemaScore and only $7.8 mil .. it has been been a tremendous failure to Jennifer Lawrence.. And increasingly lampooned online as being a holier than thou-premised film with a scene where a baby literally gets eaten..

A few reviews from ROTTEN TOMATOES from the non-paid reviewers.. those I trust more.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!!!! WTH is this trash? I have never seen such a bad movie. Do not tell me this is “art”. This movie demonstrates all that is wrong with movies today. Hey, lets kill babies….seriously? Oh just symbiotically art….BLAH BLAH BLAH.


After seeing this you will fill in the title “Mother!” With and additional expletive. WARNING DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I am your average move goer so trust me. who likes a good scare, a good laugh, great story and action. The fact is this movie, has no story, and after an hour you will be screaming “Mother..F***** ” what a waste of time and money…probably the worst movie released with such hype in 10 years!

X X X 

Got up early in order to see this today, and now I want to go back in time and get the extra sleep. The trailer was purposefully ambiguous because the average viewer won’t glean anything from it, and maybe that was the intent: to draw in an audience to find out what is going on. I had no idea what was going on, and found myself getting angrier and angrier as my questions were never answered. The conclusion/reveal didn’t do anything for me, and made no sense to me as a whole.

DEADLINE is writing,

Last weekend, Paramount had a custom in-theater trailer for Mother! on It telling moviegoers. “In one week, in this theater, one movie will mess you up for life…You will never forget where you were the first time you saw Mother! After the movie, visit the box office to get your tickets.” One rival marketing head told Deadline, “If I was a horror fan and then went to see Mother! I’d be pretty pissed because it’s not your run of the mill Screen Gems film.” What could Paramount do? How else could they sell this movie? Mother! begins as a quiet movie and then gets really gonzo toward the end and goes off the rails. Lawrence and Aronofsky say it’s all allegory. There is a gripping, ‘WTF is going on now?’ sensibility to the film, and in that sense, the quick clip, suspenseful marketing arguably didn’t betray.

MEANWHILE: ‘IT’ appears to be the big winner again this weekend.. and even talk about the movie on social media has increased over 30% since last week…  This weekend IT will now become the biggest September release ever when it reaches $218 million cumulative..

And mother!? … ugh.

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