Twilight Zone: A Matter of Minutes. Could something like this explain the Mandela Effect?

Just the other day, a friend of mine was adamant: Tinkerbell DEFINITELY did dot the I in the Disney Logo ..

She did not.
Never happened. Ever.

And thus began that person’s foray into the Mandela Effect world — something we have been taking time to discuss over the past few years or so since the whole thing was unveiled on Art Bell in the late 90s and the again by Starfire Tor on Coast to Coast AM during the mid-2000s…

This TWILIGHT ZONE entitled A MATTER OF MINUTES from 1985 is somewhat on that subject..

Just think! Every minute is built.. every period of time is constructed. Some get lost.. And some times things get lost.
But nothing major. Just the E in Berenstain and the turkey leg in King Henry’s painting….

Houston? We have a problem.. a genie is out of the Sinbad bottle.. and it’s nothing that Tinkerbell can dot an I away with…


What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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