Penn State on Tuesday published a hazing report that showed the university investigated 31 incidents over the past five years, including allegations last year that sorority pledges were forced to lick members’ toes and fraternity pledges had to run routes in a basement while members threw cigarettes and beer cans at them.


Penn State’s report, which includes all Penn State campuses, can be found on the Office of Ethics and Compliance website.

Members of the Zeta Psi fraternity allegedly forced new members to run errands and on one occasion instructed to chug a jug of wine in 30 minutes

Members of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority said they were forced to engage in underage drinking, servitude and required to lick the toes of members. The women’s soccer team was among three non-Greek organizations included in the report. The new members of the team reported verbal harassment, and said they were forced to consume alcohol and wear clothing with derogatory wording on it in 2015..

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