Will Smith as Aladdin is freaking everyone out

INCLUDING THE HORROR REPORT. but not for reasons you’d think..

Here is yet another image circulating the world wide web of Will Smith starring in the new film:

Will Smith, Aladdin

E ONLINE writes that people are making memes and expressing laughter and expressive revulsion at Smith in costume..

But why is the HORROR REPORTERS freaked to the core?
Because of HOW MUCH this Will Smith creation looks like another one that never was real in this reality.. Smith looks a mighty bunch like the memories so many people had of the movie SHAZAM with comedian Sinbad. The movie that did not exist.. right?

Back in DECEMBER the HORROR REPORT initially began picking up on the INTERNET of things concerning this film.. at that time, people were commenting how much the new version of Aladdin was a complete copy off of Sinbad’s version..

So many on Twitter came to find out the hard way that they had just entered the Mandela Effect zone.. the location where memories became false and truth becomes distant..

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