Art Bell benched

Almost a year since the famed radio talk show host died of a drug overdose on Friday the 13th, a bench –a bench– will soon be dedicated in his honor in Pahrump Nevada.. But thanks to events on social media online, it’s not without controversy…

‘On The Fringe Friends of Heather Wade FaceBook Group’, which is now known as Paranormal Pandemonium received approval from Nye County to have a bench erected in Calvada Eye Park.

The bench would have a bronze plaque attached to it, with a picture of Art Bell, and his popular catch phrase, “Wanna Take A Ride?”

What is the controversy over an obscure park bench, you ponder?

Bell fans on both sides reacting, was at the bottom of the plaque where it referenced the Facebook group’s name, which included Bell’s successor, Heather Wade’s name.

This from SPACED OUT RADIO reporting,

As plans for Bell’s memorial bench circulated within the late-night, UFO, and paranormal community, other Art Bell fans, who have not been pleased with, nor supportive of the manner in which his Midnight In The Desert Radio Show was handled after he died, felt the names on the plaque would dishonor Bell’s memory, and most of all, upset his widow and their children.
Contacts were made to the Nye County Licensing Department, acknowledging procedures which had been followed by the FaceBook group, and subsequent approval of their request to have the bench erected. When asked if approval for erecting Mr Bell’s memorial bench had been rescinded in any way, the response was negative. A person from Nye County who could speak on this subject stated to the SOR News Wire, ”Approval has not been rescinded; however, I have contacted a close family friend, and the family themselves, in an effort to make sure their wishes are respected. The County will not place a memorial with any one group named as a contributor (aside from itself).”
Nye County is hoping to have the bench erected with an approved plaque by the first anniversary of Art Bell’s death. But it appears the Heather Wade FaceBook group’s name will not be placed on the plaque as a contributor. The county believes the bench will be a fitting memorial for their world wide celebrity who impacted late night radio into millions of fans and listeners.

As for Heather Wade? She has been silent since just before the new year began 2019.. Speculation has been rampant on her final Facebook past December 28 2018, including fans telling he they miss her and even some speculating that she passed away!

And now almost a year since Bell passed away, his protege has vanished as well…

Art Bell calmly prided himself as a voice within the darkness of the night to be mysterious and reassuring.. Nothing since his untimely passing has been anything but…

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