Heather Wade gets the radio room ready

While ferocious debate continues on the HORROR REPORT and other websites that speculate and opine about these issues of paranormal radio talk show hosts, Heather Wade is getting ready for her premiere as host of THE KINGDOM OF NYE radio..

Wade posted a photo today on her Facebook page showcasing the radio room where she will broadcast from.

Fans of Art Bell may recognize a few things..  from the clock to the floor. Wade continues to broadcast from the same location in Pahrump Nevada where Bell made himself home to fans on MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT.

Controversy  developed  from an interview last week that Karen Jackson did on the Bartcast .. One of the ABs, Art Bell’s widow Airyn Bell, even made a statement on the program concerning recent developments..

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox_afhDXbYk]

The statement suggests that Wade should do her her show with her own name.. She also said she wants less drama…

Art Bell fans over the decades became used to drama.. But the death of Bell has caused a surge in vitriolic rage among fans..

All eyes on October 1 as the new phase of Drama in the Desert begins..


8 thoughts on “Heather Wade gets the radio room ready

  1. I feed my cats before I feed myself most days. I am grieving Art’s death. When he and I both picked the name “ghost” for my cat, the ether was sending us a message. But this is not about me. It is about Art’s Legacy.

  2. You might want to have a conversation with Michael Vara he's the one claiming you weren't feeding your cats. He's said a lot of interesting things about you and Art in your absence…. Makes one wonder why you would go back. Art would never do business with LNM.

  3. I wish Heather many good adventures on her new radio show. Art would be proud!And, as I've written before (on previous article) —>Based on Karen Jackson's own words during the interview :Art was very fond of Heather, Art cared about Heather, Art wanted Heather to succeed with her radio show that he gave to Heather. Heather was made the god-parent of Art's youngest child. + Karen didn't like Heather and Karen made sure Art's wife didn't like Heather either, even though the wife liked Heather before Karen made sure she didn't like Heather. Heather was head-over-heels in love with Art, but Art didn't feel the same about Heather.

  4. Fine, things got \”ugly\” – I'll get ugly – with the truth. Airyn was never anything by a mail order bride. I've never viewed her as anything but. She was a fill in while Art was waiting to die so he could be with his real wife, Ramona. Who he now is with. Listen to Art anytime he spoke of Ramona, even just while doing MITD. Ramona is the love of his life and afterlife. Airyn, just a blow up doll to pass the time. I feel for his kids, but not her. She got paid, she has her money.

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