HALLOWEEN promotion continues, this time in Entertainment WEEKLY

JAMIE LEE CURTIS.. the scream queen. Back on the cover of Entertainment WEEKLY thanks to the John Carpenter re-imagining re-make re-creation of the original 1978 classic HALLOWEEN..

The movie has some hoping for a $65 mil opening weekend.. or more?? $80 Mil? One prognosticator who clearly is in camp Carpenter wrote that the movie has the chance on scoring a cool $100 mil..

But one question may be this: How fun will HALLOWEEN be?

The original was cutting edge. It’s tough to be cutting edge with 40 years of horror creations that have attempted to duplicate the efforts of Debra Hill and John Carpenter on a low budget with a piano in the 1970s…

This from the EW story is interesting:

Green insists Halloween lovers need not worry. “We’re really trying to honor Carpenter’s vision,” says the filmmaker. “Danny said a really smart thing: ‘Until there’s killings, there’s no jokes. Let’s not give anybody anything to laugh at until we’ve scared them s—less.’”

Humor free.
no frills.. no fun. just kills and runs..

Time will tell if these efforts to play to the darker side of Halloween lure will be fruitful in the form of dollars and cents. And sense.

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