Did you sign up for the big John Carpenter giveaway on Storm King?

A lot of her fans are pretty excited about the big John Carpenter giveaway! You can win some autographed materials including a record and poster from the Halloween films.

But you also have to download an app and enter to win, the chances of downloading it today and winning are pretty slim since he would have to get into the app daily and do certain activity to earn points.

The app is called Storm King, it’s most likely now on your phone too. Although it may be too late to win this John Carpenter autographed record, other prizes are sure to come with the next few months that could be equally cool.

John Carpenter using the term “big giveaway“ is also cool. Halloween 3 is the most underrated film, as most people were waiting for the Michael Myers sequel instead of the standalone.

This movie has been claimed by people in the modern era now much more than it was then.

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