Political stories to share in the dark

Facebook and Twitter have both been accused of violating the first amendment rights of the New York Post by censoring an article that the post published referencing emails found about Hunter Biden.

I would say you can go to Twitter or Facebook to find the article but you cannot. The article has been banned from being published, and the algorithms are even stopping private messaging from sharing the link to the New York Post.

Instead you have to go about it the old-fashioned way and go directly to the post website itself.

Meanwhile the potential issue of censorship has become a hot topic on Facebook, and Twitter. Users of both social media platforms are actively sharing the screenshots of the New York post main page about the boat and emails and protesting their right to share the link.

Here is a great video to explain the background and aftermath

Major media stars and also the president have weighed in on this on Facebook, and today Ted Cruz announced that subpoenas will be issued for Jack Dorsey a Twitter for him to appear next Friday under oath before the Senate Judiciary committee.

In the meantime, CEO Jack opined on Twitter that the communication regarding the banning of the link was not handled very well.