The top ten Halloween costumes in 2018


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1. Tonya Harding: Feeling like the 90s all over again! Tonya is the way to go.. get a bat and don’t take crap..

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2. A Riverdale character: Riverdale is an American teen drama television series based on the characters of Archie Comics.. Not sure if people over the age or 25 will know who you are when you come to the door..
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3. A 90’s icon: Nostalgia is in.  But people who grew up in the 80s and 90s may realize how fast this entire nostalgia thing came. Flannels? What will prevail! The 90s.. they are coming back! Sadly everything sucks that EVERYTHING SUCKS was not renewed..
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4. A warrior of Wakanda: Black Panther was potentially one of the best movies of the year.. And Wakanda is one of the best costumes.

5. A flamingo: It just does not make sense to me.
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6. Edna Mode: She will make her way to your doorstep this Halloween…

7. An ABBA-inspired dancing queen: Take a chance on this. Costumes from the 70s that will make you dance on your doorstep.
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8. A cosmic fairy.. no comment.

9. Frida Kahlo: Thanks Beyonce.
10. A cow: Think of it. You’ll drop your hiccups.