Close encounters of the Covid kind!

Are you a little confused by health experts and all the different changes that have been made up throughout the year concerning how you can catch COVID-19?

Get ready to rumble with some more mental gymnastics!

Despite earlier misgivings that close encounters would not yield many infections, the CDC has decided to change its guidance.

The definition change was triggered by a report on that case of a 20-year-old Vermont correctional officer, who was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection in August.

The guard, who wore a mask and goggles, had multiple brief encounters with six transferred prisoners before test results showed they were positive. At times, the prisoners wore masks, but there were encounters in cell doorways or in a recreational room where prisoners did not have them on, the report said.

An investigation that reviewed video footage concluded the guard’s brief interactions totaled 17 minutes during an 8-hour shift.

And with that, a brand new set of instructions for another morning ..

We will see what new guidance occurs by evening.

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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