The variants are changing everything! Perhaps those posters have to be re-printed

For a year now, posters have graced all public places and government facilities, airports and restaurants (that are still open).. how to prepare for COVID-19! the cough! the gasps! The sore throats.


New variants are re-writing the rules of engagement with the virus..

Confirmed with many people have said for months, the warning signs are not always clear. Sometimes no fever.. no cough.. just loss of taste, weeks of headaches, and numbness of feet or hands..

Changes to the tongue, the hands or the soles of the feet could give an early indication of Covid-19 infection, Spanish researchers found in a study presented on Tuesday.

The conclusions emerged from research carried out among 666 patients with Covid-19 at Madrid’s IFEMA field hospital set up during the first wave of the pandemic, the regional government said.

One in four patients said they had noticed changes to their tongue, while four out of 10 spotted unusual signs on the palms of their hands or soles of their feet.

British media, plagued with the new variant, is warning its nation about the 6 warning signs to watch for: While cough and fever remain, now included are rashes, tiredness, and headaches..

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