The hastag #NyiragongoErupts erupts: May God have mercy on the people of Goma

During a quiet Saturday night on the planet earth.. yet another fierce volcano blew, spewing lava and destruction in the Congo..

Goma is the target for the developing natural disaster, as some residents from the city of over half a million flee to Rwanda to escape potential devastation.

A collection of mostly unreliable sources has added confusion to the developing situation, with world media largely NOT paying attention this unfolding crisis on the African continent.. (As the media so often does)

Here are some notable Tweets showcasing what appears to be rushing lava and fiery skies:



There are various reports that this volcano was not adequately monitored when considering how dangerous it is..

Flashback: Several months ago, there was a story about Mount Nyiragongo and the lava lake rising at the most dangerous volcano in Africa..

Tonight we see why..

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