Boost me up before you go go

The Biden Administration, still reeling from its sloppy withdrawal from Afghanistan, is trying to put focus back on the coronavirus in the United States.

There are rumors that an announcement will be coming eminently that will recommend booster shots for nearly all Americans who received the COVID-19 vaccine, either within the past eight months or eight months ago.

Also word is that Johnson and Johnson vaccinated people will have to also get a booster, or else suffer potential consequences of the Delta variant…

What makes all of this confusing is the fact that it’s confusing! Only days ago the FDA and CDC and other alphabet health organizations or publicly stating that there would be no need for booster shots. That the MNRA vaccines, mostly they have excluded Johnson & Johnson from commentary, or affective against the variance.

However it would appear that the White House could’ve looked at Israel data, which shows that there was some susceptibility for people who are vaccinated to still succumb to the Delta variant..

So what’s next?

COVID-19 will be considerably more of a political football, it will still ravage, some will still call it fake, others will still wear 2500 masks, and the beat will go on…

But hopefully the death toll and hospitalization rate does not continue to go on, as it has been immense.


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