‘Solar tsunami’ set for August 30

As though the weather on the planet wasn’t already scary enough, cue the sun: a C3 flare erupted from sunspot region 2859 on the Sun on August 26 and appears to have sent a solar blast towards the Earth..

The  National Weather Service’s Space Weather Prediction Center  confirmed a partial halo CME took place. In a statement released by the SWPC, analysis and modeling are now underway to determine if there may be any possible geoeffective component to this CME.

It appears this solar explosion set-off a “solar tsunami”.

A solar tsunami, also known as a Moreton Wave or a Moreton-Ramsey Wave, is the signature of a large-scale solar corona shock wave generated by solar flares.  Initially spotted in the late 1950’s, technology deployed by NASA in 2009 confirmed the presence and the mechanics of such a tsunami…

Some have said the best “Northern Lights” of the century are coming!

The best guess for the potential impact of the “Solar Tsunami” will be August 30 ..

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