The Spanish Flu is so 2000 and late: Covid death toll about to surpass

The United States’ ‘known death toll’ from COVID-19 will surpass the number of dead from the Spanish Flu within the next day or two, according to the side-by-side numbers ..

While both viruses (and times that took place in) are different, the fact we are Close to Surpassing the Spanish flu death toll in modern society is alarming..

COVID-related U.S. deaths as of Sunday night are at 673,763, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

That’s just over 1,200 fewer than died in the 1918 Spanish Flu, which took an estimated 675,000 lives in the U.S. Before this, that flu pandemic was the most lethal since the United States was formed. With an 1,800-per-day death average, the number who’ve died of COVID-19 could surpass the previous scourge by Monday.

Hard to believe that it felt like just yesterday that news publications like Time magazine were featuring a 200,000 death toll on their cover.

Now it seems like it’s a toll that the old media has forgotten to keep counting?

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