The sponsored post that won’t go away!

For weeks now people on Facebook may have been seeing a sponsored post written by the Wall Street Journal. Perhaps you did not see it if your news feed is not attuned to COVID-19 or stories about the pandemic..

Here is the article for your enjoyment

But this is very interesting, because there have been countless people who have said that Facebook stop them from monetizing posts about Covid, the pandemic, or anything related to the vaccine.

As we have long saw, major corporations or news media outlets get more of a pass than individuals or freelancers.

It would be interesting to find out just how much the Wall Street Journal actually paid for the sponsor ship, especially given the fact that this article was written a month ago.

But even more, the headline has not aged very well with time. Yes, there have been countless conspiracy theories that Bill Gates is behind the diabolical plot to microchip everyone on the entire planet or create a big giant depopulation program to wipe us out by 70%. On the flipside, other media outlets have praised him beyond any accuracy and treated him like a second coming of a Christlike figure.

The truth in between also is troubling, with revelations because of his divorce coming out about that interesting and friendly relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, despite his public interviews in which he said he distance himself many years ago. Others have found evidence to the contrary.

So to see this long running sponsored ad from the Wall Street Journal focusing on how Bill Gates, and no one else, does not believe we’re ready for the next pandemic only will play further into the hands or minds of conspiracy theorist that already think either has too much power or knows more than what he’s letting on.

Fake news, half-baked news, fancy full praise and invalid or half assed reactions. Welcome to the world of pandemic coverage. What you see may not be real and could be very well different with an a year. We’re living in the misinformation age. Embrace it, and get ready for that next pandemic that Bill Gates is warning of.

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