30 years ago: The night the Undertaker beat Hulk Hogan

A few days ago, wrestling legend Ric Flair revealed that Hulk Hogan’s health was deteriorating..

So we stroll back to his heyday: Survivor Series 1991, the night when the Undertaker stripped Hulkster of his WWF title belt.. WITH THE HELP OF COURSE OF FLAIR

When you watch the Undertaker’s final tombstone move, you can also see it could be the fakest wrestling finishing move in the history of TV.. such a bad angle for a badly sold moment!

But it also led to tears among the youngest in the audience!

Children in the arena and at home were suddenly move to weep: Their hero was broken .. all the prayers and vitamins didn’t help..

So that, coupled with Vince McMahon’s desire to establish more than its usual 4 pay per views a year, led to THIS TUESDAY IN TEXAS just a few days later when Hogan drove the scary Undertaker back to hell.. kind of.. The president, “Jack Tunney,” was able to stop the match when Hogan used the Undertaker’s urn ashes against him.. and the title was put up for grabs at the Royal Rumble a month later.

A brilliant early Vince McMahon move to build and keep interest..