He-Man back to Netflix November 23

It is unknown if Kevin Smith’s He-Man Revelation series will get a second season, but the second half to the first season premieres November 23rd 2021..

For better or worse…

The first five episodes were somewhat controversial among fans—both new and old. A number of people felt that the Kevin Smith re imagining took the series far distant from where the 1980s show started..

But in fairness he wanted to do that.. 

There were rumors and accusations that Kevin Smith was “woke“ in the series, some thing he vehemently denied in a number of videos on his own social media accounts…

The main beef that anyone appeared to have was how He-Man was pushed aside during the first five episodes.

The toy line for Revelations doesn’t seem to be doing so hot when compared to the new for 2020 and 2021 toys of the original He-Man toy line..

Previews indicate that the next several episodes to conclude season one will bring he-man back in some heroic battle. At least that’s what the trailers would make it appear, we will know for sure within hours when Netflix drops the final five…

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