The pain we feel at night


What a strange thought–I have felt pain from the outside world in dreams. For example, if you have an ache or leg cramp, sometimes they manisfest as a different experience in your dream.. But the idea of actually dreaming something painful and you feel it? Perhaps it is more the interplay between reality and the dream world?

From the actual research: 

When it comes to our likelihood of experiencing pain at night, it seems that our general health condition plays a role in the frequency and nature of the pain. 

A 2017 study found that about 1% of healthy people experience pain in dreams compared to about 30% of people who suffer from acute and severe pain.In patients, painful dreams may be triggered by actual pain whereas for healthy people, painful dreams may be painful memories (pain experienced by themselves and/or watching people getting hurt). The study authors state that further research is needed to clarify how pain is processed during sleep

Because patients with chronic pain experience negative-hued dreams, it would be helpful to ask chronic pain patients about their dreams, and perhaps offer specific treatment options like guided imagery therapy.So, can we feel pain in dreams? The answer is yes, yet our general health condition probably predicts whether it’s real or only dream pain.

Makes you fearful of that falling down dream now, right?

Or more appropriately frightened that Freddy himself may have the power to truly BE REAL if you can feel pain in a dream.

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