Monkeys on Main Street

The past several days have been a wild ride for the residents of Danville Pennsylvania.

This website calls northeastern Pennsylvania home, so we can give some first-hand knowledge..

About a week ago there was a crash involving a truck that slammed into a box truck right off of interstate 80 in Danville Pennsylvania. That stretch of highway is synonymous with collisions but this one was so strange it made some international news.

From the information provided from various news sources, a truck loaded with over 100 monkeys was struck by a pick up truck. The collision caused several monkeys to be spread throughout the road, still in cages. Three monkeys escaped and for a brief time were in the woods surrounding Danville PA and eventually captured..

All were subsequently euthanized.

Michele Fallon was a witness to the crash, and got out of her car and went to make sure the driver was OK. Noticing the cages, she asked the driver what was been transported and he said that the cages had cats in them. She looked down and one cage and saw monkeys .. one hissed at her.

The entire spectacle created days of Memes across the Internet, with locals making light of the situation. It was not until Fallon published copies of letters on her Facebook page that she received from health officials when people got more serious.

Apparently the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the CDC both had officials on site along with other law enforcement . In the immediate aftermath police told residents to stay away from the monkeys.. after coming in contact with the animals, Fallon was told that if she had any “symptoms“ within 31 days to check herself into a hospital.

She did that when she developed both pink eye and cold like symptoms within 48 hours of her exposure to the monkeys and their feces. She also reported she had an open cut when she was exposed.

Along with that, there were opposing stories as to where the monkeys were from and going. Initially, the CDC said they were going to a “an approved CDC facility“. that facility was supposedly in Florida, but some curious folk wondered why the truck then was on an interstate that didn’t go to Florida.

The next piece of information that was released was that the truck was actually going to Missouri. The map shows that there is a straight route from Pennsylvania to Missouri. Interstate 80.

Michele Fallon unfortunately made international news with this entire ordeal.

She was publicly discussing what occurred.. within hours she was the subject of ridicule from some, mockery from some, and others saying that she was completely making up her story just to get 15 minutes of fame.

More alternative websites actually stated that she was part of the vast government conspiracy to spread the next pandemic.

But there are some interesting points yet to be answered and, probably never will be in the public realm.

For example, is this normal standard operating procedure for the CDC to fly monkeys from Africa to New York City and then transfer them on rickshaw trucks that are barely held together in crates that are really not marked as biohazards?

Why did the driver tell Fallon that he was carrying cats? Why did the health officials immediately tell people not to approach the monkeys. Why were not only the three monkeys captured but also the rest of the 100 euthanized immediately?

All of this sloppy work taking place during a pandemic! You would think people would learn with what we are going through now?


At this point it would seem that the story will diminish in the coming days, and hopefully Fallon will feel better and whatever she was exposed to will not provide too much danger for her, family, friends, or the community.

The last thing that we want to see is Dustin Hoffman arriving in a space suit because of an outbreak started by monkeys. We’ve seen that story before..

But let’s get real: monkeys were flown from Africa they had, apparently, a disease, placed into a dilapidated truck and transferred across the United States, and in doing so the truck crashed and caused monkeys to escape on the town. It possibly made at least one person sick.

But there’s nothing to see her folks, just Move On…..

Just make memes ..

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