First responders told to watch for health issues after Danville monkey exposure; Clyde Lewis focuses radio show on situatiuon

First responders in Montour county have been told to monitor their health after responding to the crash near Danville last week involving 100 lab testing monkeys.

WNEP Reports on:

From the site:

A letter from the CDC was sent to those who responded to the incident.

“It gave a couple of symptoms to be on the lookout for, and it asked if anyone had direct contact with a loose monkey, which none of us did,” said Chief Mike Kull of the Valley Township Fire Company.

Kull commented to the site that he is not worried about health issues following the exposure .. news reports state that the CDC letter does not specifically say that any of the monkeys were diseased ..

This follows reports that another eyewitness, Michele Fallon, experienced symptoms including pink eye after her exposure at the accident scene..

Meanwhile, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis focused his radio show last night on the topic of monkeys in Danville Pennsylvania..

Lewis previewed before the show ‘CRASH TEST MONKEYS’