Darkness Drama: Tim Dennis fires back!

There has been an ongoing social media clamor concerning the apparent battle between Darkness Radio host Dave Schrader and his cohost Tim Dennis. A few weeks ago, Schrader took to the social media and airwaves to discuss the future of Darkness Radio and his upcoming project: “Paranormal 60”.

Last evening, Tim Dennis use the first 20 minutes of Darkness Radio to discuss his counterpoint to watch Schrader headset. Dennis suggested that there may be no good will between the two, that there may be no future in which either one cohosts the same project again, and were possibly Tim Dennis goes his own way and the death of Darkness Radio occurs..

You can listen to the program here through Spotify:

The relationship between Dennis and Schrader goes back many years, as both a test two. However there seems to have been a breakdown over the past few months, maybe something that has been going on behind the scenes even longer.

At risk is the future of a really good show that produce great contact through the years. Paranormal radio fans would lament the loss of Darkness Radio, but it would seem that with the two hosts at odds and ends that is exactly what will occur.

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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