Can we all admit that something strange has been in the Pennsylvania water since January 1!? Danville had its bout with escaped CDC monkeys.. And just the other day, news was made after a woman found a mystery animal that could have been a dog.. could have been a coyote, but just about no one knew for sure.

And now..
That animal has decimated its cage at the rescue and has escaped!

Cue the drums..

Jumanji has arrived!

News sources reported days ago that Christina Eyth, of Fairfield Township, noticed paw prints in front of her door earlier this week. According to her account, she followed them around her house to their source — a small, dog-like animal curled up outside her basement door.

“I peeked outside the door, and that’s whenever I noticed the animal on the left hand side. And it was so scared and cold and shivering,” Eyth told WPXI-TV. TJ’s contacted WildLife Works Mount Pleasant, which sent rescuer Morgan Barron to Eyth’s home. Wildlife Works said in a Facebook post that the group is having genetic testing done on the animal to determine its species:

And now, Wildlife Works is center stage in a new story about the weird animal: The mystery dog has destroyed its cage and escaped captivity!

They are dumbstruck, according to their Facebook account of the event, quotes here for posterity:

WORST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!We don’t know how to tell you this, but the “coyote” escaped last night. We are devastated, and we know you all will be devastated too. No one feels worse than Morgan.When she got up this AM and went to her hospital building, she was met with the horrifying site of a destroyed empty cage and a trashed hospital area (see photos). There were scratches on the walls, especially below the window; the window seal was chewed until he was able to force the window open, then he tore through the screen. Not in our wildest dreams did we expect something like this! Since he arrived, he has done little more than crouch in the back of his cage and simply follow Morgan with his eyes. He never acted aggressive or distressed, and there had been no evidence of escape attempts. We had him for about a week, during which time he ate nutritious food and received treatment for his mange and secondary infections. We can only guess he was starting to feel somewhat better and decided it was time to go.As we write this, Morgan and her Dad are out trying to track the animal, and we plan to leave barn and enclosure doors open with plenty of straw and food to entice him. We also have two traps we can set to try to get him back.Everyone one here is stunned and mortified to learn this news. We were so overwhelmed with an outpouring of love, interest and financial support. For any of you who sent donations and would like a refund due to this event, please just contact us by phone or email and we will send the money back to you.Hopefully those of you who know Wildlife Works know this is NOT out standard of care, and will understand how devastated we are – not just for ourselves but for that poor creature out there in the cold again struggling to survive. Please keep us and him in your thoughts and prayers. We will do everything we can to find him. Folks in the Mt. Pleasant should keep and eye out. Check your trail cams. He may turn up around houses again. Call the office immediately if you think you have seen him. DO NOT try to capture him on your own.Again, we are dumbstruck! We’ll keep you posted with any new developments.

They warn: Do not try to capture it on your own.. call them for support..


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