The seismic blast heard around the world

Weatherboy Weather has compiled a list of remarkable and almost unbelievable facts about todays volcanic eruption near Tonga…

From the site:

-the extreme explosive volcanic eruption event was so large and so loud that it was heard in parts of Alaska!

-the blast was so huge it sent a pressure wave around much of the world; it was measured throughout the U.S. East Coast

-the pressure wave appears to be driving the tsunami activity; as the pressure wave crossed into the Caribbean, it created a meteotsunami in parts of the Caribbean including around Puerto Rico

-the blast was detected by sensors at the La Palma volcano in the Canary Islands, north & west off the coast of Africa

-Professor Shane Cronin at the School of Environment at the University of Auckland suggests that eruptive activity at Tonga could continue for weeks or months. According to an assessment of historical eruptions there, these kind of events could be relatively long lasting and not one-off events. As such, there could be a chronic tsunami threat around the globe should eruptions equal to the overnight one continue in the weeks/months ahead.

-satellite data confirms the explosive blast from the volcano entered the stratosphere which will likely impact global weather and climate, although how much remains unknown. Analysis is also ongoing to determine whether or not the mesosphere was pierced by the massive explosion too.


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