What you think about this cat photo apparently tells the story of your personality?

We fell for it.. we got the click bait.. and we dove straight in.

It appears a new “dress” style debate has emerged online–all from an image that was either taken in 2015 or first appeared then.

This cat:

It’s walking up–or down–stairs..

According to The Minds Journal, the direction in which you see the cat walking says a lot about your personality.

If you think the cat is walking upstairs then supposedly you are optimistic, whereas if you see it walking downstairs then you’re more pessimistic…

And we have no idea why someone decided that was the case..

So what does that make us here at the HORROR REPORT?

The first thing we thought was that the cat was literally walking along a straight flat surface that just had a design that appeared as though they were steps… neither up, nor down.

So we are just plain old realistic… Or surrealistic..?

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