Cat claws out: George Lucas hits back at movie industry

Some say that George Lucas changed movies forever with his original STAR WARS films.
Others say that his incarnations in the early 2000s were some of the worst pieces of film crap every displayed on screen, besides Natalie Portman of course..

But George Lucas is hitting back, calling out his critics and even slamming people’s pop cultural preferences..

Among the many quotables that you can find in the VARIETY article penned by Brent Lang, the HORROR REPORT picks its favorites:

 If you go into ‘Star Wars’ and see what’s going on there, there’s a lot more substance than circus

All art is technology. That’s the one thing that separates us from animals.

All of us in film school hated the establishment. It was the sixties.

Studio executives generally are not the most sophisticated people in the world…you do not want to be oppressed by people who are not as smart as you are and I’m dumb

But perhaps the one that will cut the deepest: Lucas scratches his head at pop culture:

I would never guess people would watch cats do stupid things all day long

George.. this one’s for you:

giphy (1)

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