SHARP JAB: George Noory anti-Science? Art Bell thinks so

Art Bell, considering making a run at online broadcasting later this summer, launched a missile at his potential rival George Noory on Coast to Coast AM tonight on Facebook, further showing the bad blood that exists between the former and current host of the late night radio program.

Bell said this in a Facebook post,

I just got a Facebook message from a listener who was very concerned that George Noory is having Guest’s on urging people not to get their children vaccinated! I am not a listener to Coast but if true it is beyond irresponsible

Bell continued,

I don’t want to believe it’s true but if so please look at the real science George, this is just plain dangerous.

The recent measles and flu scares have caused a vicious debate to surface in media and pop culture about the safety and importance of vaccines. Noory as host of Coast’s newest incarnation has phased into a more government conspiracy program as opposed to paranormal version made famous by Bell. As a result, Noory has entertained numerous guests who have questioned the safety of vaccines and tied them to autism and other malfunctions of the brain. The most recent guest is the controversial Doctor Sherri Tenpenny. Tenpenny spoke to Noory concerning a burst of controversy about an anti-vaccination speech she had planned for Australia. Just today, it was announced that Tenpenny has canceled her land down under blunder..

But it’s also not the first time the subject matter has been entertained on the program as proven by a search of past shows. While it is not clear which specific guest Bell may have been referring to, his point is clear: He is not in the camp that believes vaccines cause danger bad enough to refuse them. Without a doubt, Bell’s would have also had have to been given many himself, traveling between the Philippines and the United States an untold number of times.

Readers of the HORROR REPORT will know, this is not the first war of words between Art Bell and George Noory–and will not be their last. Despite Noory’s reference to Bell at the end of each one of his shows, Bell has repeatedly said he wants nothing to do with Premiere Radio Networks or Coast to Coast AM..  His brief stint on Sirius radio featured a number of verbal strikes on Coast. While the program did not last, his loyal fan base is still hoping for fourth of July fireworks with a return of Bell to Dark Matter Radio Network site created by Bell’s longtime webmaster Keith Rowland. Recently, Bell dropped some hints that gave fans pause about a return, saying a big “IF” on the BELLGAB website on the ART BELL THREAD..

The comments on Facebook tonight were greeted mostly with agreements, however some naysayers on vaccines also spoke up to defend their position. The overarching theme however was disdain to what Bell fans perceive as Noory doing to Coast to Coast AM, changing and maligning the program’s intent and now, if you agree with Bell’s position, offering listeners very bad if not dangerous science.

Bell continued the dialogue in his Facebook post. At one point he address Noory’s constant use of his name at the end of the nightly show, saying,

I have asked asked for a very long time that George NOT mention my name as I would rather not be connected to what Coast has become, thus far he has refused to stop for a reason I can not grasp.

Another commenter called Noory a slimeball. Bell responded to that,

Let’s not call names, for me it is very simple, George Noory and myself have very different visions of what the show should be to the degree that I do not want my name associated with it. Obviously he will do what he thinks is right.

One comment was written by a woman believing that Bell was ‘set up’ in his Sirius program. Bell responded to that, as well:

Cindy, in fact I agree, however business is War and I lost that battle in part due to my own stupidity, a mistake I will not make twice.

One interesting aspect of tonight’s thread is how much more involved Art Bell seemed to be in the conversation compared to posts past. Typically, Bell drops a line and it’s liked and commented on by hundreds, but he is not heard from again. This go, however, seems to have peaked his interest. On one hand, Bell’s love of science is evident. On the other, his dislike of any association with Coast is apparent.

As expected, there is reaction on BELLGAB that will most likely continue as the posting beat goes on. It’s doubtful that Noory and company will issue or speak of any official response to Bell, but it will certainly be fascinating to see what type of attention vaccines get on future Coasts.