DELTA declares COVID is over

Just as a Florida judge ruled that airlines should not be required to have mask mandates, some have rejoiced! Including airline companies that appear to be calling an end to then pandemic..

From a statement from Delta Airlines, the company writes that COVID has now transitioned to a plain old regular seasonal bug..

And of course the company is walking it back…..

After a backlash, Delta Airlines revised its Monday statement on the lifting of the federal mask mandate on airplanes calling COVID-19 a “seasonal virus,” to a revised version Tuesday calling it “a more manageable” virus.

Meanwhile.. In other news that makes Delta’s comment appear too soon:

New COVID surge? Florida reports 3,046 new coronavirus cases, an increase of 44% from last week. Number in hospital up 14%, reaching 1,040.. Meanwhile: Disney lifts mask requirement at all resorts..

BUT .. Rep Jim Jordan Tweets: Fauci Lost, Freedom Won

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