Satan dies in York PA: Pennsylvania School Board kills Satanic Club–as parents neglect to realize that the Temple does not worship Satan

York Pennsylvania has made some news recently.. an after school “Satanic Club” was set to be introduced …

Until the Northern Elementary school board placed it into fiery damnation..

The Satanic club was shot down with an 8-1 vote. There are currently four similar clubs operating in U.S. schools across the country, with regular attempts to expand.

Samantha Groome, a parent in the district, was the advocate for introducing the club to the district.

“I never thought anything like this would come to the district… I don’t want my son to be exposed to anything of the sort,” parent Amy Wintermyer told local Fox 43.


The Satanic Temple which runs the program and said students would be offered activities such as science and crafts projects, puzzles and games — and that they would learn about benevolence, empathy, critical thinking, problem-solving and creative expression…

Hundreds of people showed up — many outraged over the thought of letting Satan into the Pennsylvania schools (see the final link on this page)

After this vote, there are threats of lawsuits..

Will it come back to haunt them for eternity?

Meanwhile, from the Satanic Temple website: The Satanic Temple does not believe in religion, or Satan…

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