‘Wrong Turn’ Series Director Declan O’Brien Dead

‘Wrong Turn’ Series Director Declan O’Brien Died in February→ DREADCENTRAL.COM

Sean James Decker broke the news on DREAD CENTRAL .. though the death occurred in February 2022, news was not reported until now..

While there was a certain appeal in the horror world, Declan’s real passion was person.. Sean Decker wrote,

But the real love of his life were his three children. Declan often said that his best accomplishment in life was his three amazing children – Alec, Aidan, and Caity. Every phone conversation usually started with a story about one or all of his kids. Declan was an adventurer, so his children were with him when he made trips to Nevada, Georgia, Florida, and New York over the years. They were his greatest joy. Declan, along with his closest friends and family members, have watched as his children have grown into delightful and loving young adults. Declan was immensely proud of them.

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