A Crack Opened In Earth’s Magnetic Field This Week And Stayed Open For 14 Hours

The crack in the magnet field was created by a rare phenomenon called a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) from the Sun. CIRs are large-scale plasma structures generated in the low and mid-latitude regions of the heliosphere – the region surrounding the Sun that includes the solar magnetic field and the solar winds – when fast and slow-moving streams of solar wind interact.
— Read on www.iflscience.com/a-crack-opened-in-earths-magnetic-field-yesterday-and-stayed-open-for-14-hours-64372

While this article opens up it’s “journalism” with a crack about Vecna coming to the planet based off of this real life event, it at least goes on to explain that this is actually a very normal occurrence in cracks often open up the magnetic field..

The earth should probably start considering this: we need to gear up for what might be one of the most active periods of time right now for the sun between now and July 2025.

Maybe will get a couple beautiful aurora borealis nights deep in southern latitudes if these types of events continue

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