Halloween Ends sounds ultimately pretty awful

‘Halloween Ends’ Plot Revealed

A RELIABLE SOURCE REPORTS ON WHAT HALLOWEEN ENDS WILL BRING US.. Buckle up for what could be a disastrous film..

Look away to avoid spoilers..

Keep reading if you want a preview of the plot to end all plots to come:

For those who do not want spoilers, look away immediately. The rest of this article will contain heavy spoilers for the Halloween Ends plot. The plot for the film seems to not follow Laurie Strode (Jaime Lee Curtis) and Allyson. Instead, a new character emerges named Corey. Corey is being bullied by the neighborhood kids when he stumbles across a very weak and injured Michael Myers. Myers is hiding from the citizens who attempted to kill him in Halloween Kills. Corey then takes the masks and becomes the pseudo Michael Myers. He goes after those who have bullied him, and presumably against others who have wronged him in some way. The test screenings for the film have naturally been bad because of this odd direction the final film is taking. We would agree that going off script for the final film in the trilogy is certainly not the way to go.

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