Money to be made: Netflix orders more Watcher and more Dahmer

Were you naïve enough to think that just one season would be enough for both stories? Not a chance, we’re on the way.

Netflix has ordered two more seasons of Monster, which will move away from Jeffrey Dahmer to “tell the stories of other monstrous figures who have impacted society.” The Dahmer season of Monster has already achieved over 934 million view hours from Netflix subscribers around the world, and is expected to reach 1 billion hours soon.

The “real estate thriller” The Watcher, which is also inspired by a true story will be getting a second season.

Those who follow the real life story of Watcher know full well that the Netflix version veered away substantially from the true story. Count that one as a “inspired by true events,“ and nothing like the Jeffrey Dahmer “based on real events.”

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