Going down the Rabbit Hole of Menugate

We binged!!

There is a user name on TikTok ATL CODY, he is an attorney in Atlanta who has gone viral occasionally on the social media platform over the previous two years.

From his series of videos, it appears that he noticed the apartment complex he lived in had some oddities. Someone was someone putting out Chinese menus on all the doors. But days later the menus were still there, so he started to figure out that apparently no one lives there. Or at least this is what the attorney claims.

The user goes on to say that no on evacuated when a fire alarm was pulled.. He says that there’s cars in the parking lot they have registrations expired in 2019 and have not been moved, along with it tons of dust on cars.

Adding additional intrigue, he made a video stating that he was seeing men in suits at various local restaurants on their phones–all having the same conversation as he went.. The most recent video which seemed to propel this into the rankings of online viral sensation: Police cordoned off the apartment parking garage for a murder..

There is a series of videos on TikTok that you may love–some are arguing it could just be a media hype attempt for his private practice. Others are simply creeped out.

We are enamored by it. It is fun to conjure up the thoughts of a sole person living in an abandoned building with endless back doors–is he an NPC that escaped? But we also must use logic and discernment..

But creepy it is.

If it is just a dude making this all up, he is sure going to extreme lengths after years of this to keep doing it.. And it must be a lovely place if he is comfortable being the only person in an abandoned building to continue staying there.

A series of videos that we thought were the best representation of what you can find..


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