To the class of 2024

Its here. So many students graduating.. so many memories being herallded and speeches from valedictorians on turning the page and moving into adulthood are taking place now.

It’s both a beautiful time of year but equally a monent on a calendar filled with meloncholy.

The last day of school is a liminal moment, marking the threshold between the familiarity of student life and the uncertainty of the future.

As graduates walk through the halls they’ve known for four years, there’s a strange feeling of alienation.

A dark loneliness mixed with a haze of nostalgia.

The once-welcoming environment now seems foreign, and they feel like strangers in a place that was once a second home.

Suddenly they get an eerie feeling that they are not welcome.. lessons continue for those who continue to inhabit the rooms.. but the seniors must leave.

They are done.

It’s sudden and strange when it occurs.

This transition underscores the bittersweet nature of leaving behind a significant chapter while stepping into the unknown.

Good luck to the class of 2024. Please change the world for the best–you opened your high school heats in the midst of mask wearing and pandemic scares. You’ve come a long way.. there ate scars from that. We all have some. You were kids and maybe don’t know how much the scars stuck around. But we all have baggage and trauma–generational trauma–and we just persevere.. you will, too.

But you also have work to do. So let’s get moving and good luck.. make this planet–and maybe space–a better place for all previous and soon to be graduating classes.