Americans to Gitmo?

Amazibg developments occurring in the United States Senate.. A provision in the Defense Reauthorization bill introduced by Senator John McCain and Carl Levin give the Executive Branch of government increased power to classify American citizens on the homeland ‘enemy’ combatants and charge them with terrorism–or not charge them at all and hold them indefinitely. The ACLU and others strongly oppose the measure.

Last night, and amendment to change that portion of the bill failed and it remains is going to be voted on by the full Senate.

Debate yesterday occurred between John McCain and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who states that American citizens could even end up at Guantanamo Bay under a strict interpretation of the language..

The White House has threatened to veto the bill if the controversial language remains–something some analysts doubt since many other important defense elements will be included..

All eyes now on the Senate, where McCain says the youthful Kentucky Senator doesn’t understand the danger and Paul says the ancient Arizona Senator doesn’t understand the bill of rights..

High drama expected..