Hunt in the wild: Shopping in America, 2011

Screen cap from YouTube 

Cops keeping the peace.. perhaps pepper spray would have been better in this story, where police slammed a grandfather to the ground at a WalMart, leaving him unconscious and bloody.. And his crime, you ask? People got rowdy in the game section. The man’s grandson got trampled, so he put the video game he was holding in his waistband in order to free up his hands and lift the boy out of the crowd… and then the cops moved in, slamming the grandfather’s head against the concrete floor.

This story could disturb anyone’s holiday spirit.

…mayhem and misery is the only thing being found in the stories being reported about Black Friday, along with $2 waffle makers.

“All of a sudden, you see this little boy run up and wailing and yelling, ‘Grandpa, Grandpa,’ and crying his eyes out”

And now, thankfully for Youtube, people can view the actions of the police and decide if they were justified.. 

Heads slamming..facing mashing.. deals bashing. Shop, shop, shop, like no one cares.. party like it’s 1999.