Are you glowing or is your tuna just happy to see me?

Finally confirmation of what alternative media has been reporting for a year.. sadly the alternative media was right all along.

And you thought wind and fire were the strongest elements of Earth!

Think again.
It may simply be FISH!
According to new research (research conducted of course in August of last year, but officially we are just hearing about it this year) “low levels” of radiation from Fukushima have turned up in bluefin tuna along the California coast. Remember, these levels were higher than normal and they were in schools of swimming tuna just months after the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear nightmare–fish swimming fast and bringing radiation to San Diego faster than water .. faster than the debris from the tsunami.
But food for thought: Radioactive tuna (low levels!!) were swimming near California four months after the Fukushima nuclear plant went haywire. 
We have been told for some time there are no worries.
No one told that to the tuna.
What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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