FUK-D-USHIMA: Residents being forced BACK to radioactive homes!?

“Mainstream” news reports today are shocking.. Japan is apparently pushing disaster survivors to move back to radioactive homes!

THE HEADLINE: Around 6,000 people face returning to homes with radiation levels similar to Chernobyl – the equivalent of having a chest X-ray every week, say Greenpeace…

The UK MIRROR has the rest of the story: 

Fukushima survivors are being urged to return to the nuclear disaster site by the Japanese government despite radiation levels similar to Chernobyl, say Greenpeace.

Officials are planning to slash housing support for 6,000 people from the village of Iitate on March 31, when the evacuation order is due to be lifted just six years on from the reactor meltdown, reports rt.com.

The risk to health is on a par with the exclusion zone around the former Soviet reactor Chernobyl in what is now Ukraine – more than 30 years after it spewed plumes of killer fission, say Greenpeace Japan.

This is the latest little tidbit of Fukushima in the news lately.. The radioactive activity is making headlines … fear over the long term effects of the nuclear disaster–still unfolding by the way–has not subsided since 2011 when the tsunami did..

And this latest sordid tale of Japan’s government? not good at all..