North Korean women being sold into slavery in China

News of the world never makes a faint heart feel better. This piece of news involving women unknowingly being sold into slavery in China is included with that category of horrific news.

Reports rumor that hundreds of North Korean women are forced to work in ‘chat rooms’ selling telephone and internet sex.  And who are they talking to? That particular blot appears to go to South Korea.

Human rights organizations blame South Korean gangs for some of the suffering. Working in cahoots with Chinese Koreans, investing in karaoke bars in China, they are said to hold women against their will while paying them just enough to survive.
“South Korean businessmen are their best customers,” says Tim Peters, director of Helping Hands Korea, dedicated to aiding North Korean children in China. “It’s a blot on South Korean society,” he says blaming the Chinese for “doing nothing about a criminal system in violation of the rights of women.”
South Korea’s apathy towards the women’s plight as they get sold to the bidders of China may make more sense when considering that many rich South Korean men are the customers.. 

The bottom line: Defectors who escape from North Korea are often hit with hardcore slavery in China. If they are sent back to North Korea, they face beatings, captivity, being placed in a room with 60 other women, stripped naked, and most likely tortured for their crime of defecting. 

This is our modern world, everyone. Not the past. It’s the present. And until the human population gets serious about human rights, it’s the sad future too for many women. 

And finally, don’t make the mistake of thinking that slavery and abuse of women is confined to one torture camp, one prison, one nation, or one continent. The untold story of so many … the internet is filled with evidence of abuse. 

This Mother’s Day, honor your mother. Honor important women. Plus think about the tortured souls not being honored but instead being put through untold consequences for just being born the gender that they have been.
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