Mexico volcano spews: Popocatepetl active

Volcano Popocatepetl, only 50 miles from Mexico City, spewed ash and rock overnight Friday. Villagers nearly looked at the volcano in fear as the plumes rose from the massive mountain. One ash cloud shot over 2 miles into the air. 
One village six miles from the volcano had rumbling so strong that it sent people into the streets in the darkness, running after feeling tremors.

“They told us that we need to be ready because if we have to evacuate, they are going to warn us with the church bells,” said Lizbeth Agustin, a 22-year-old candy vendor who had collected half a pail of ash in the town center of Santiago Xalitzintla.

So that’s the plan.
When those church bells ring, just don’t run for the nearest church. Run like HELL the other way. 
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