Strong start to hurricane season

It snowed in October–before winter.It was near 90 across much of the nation in March–before spring.We just saw the strongest tropical cyclone to hit the United States before June 1–Beryl. … harbingers of things to come?Earth changes?Or should we just adjust the calenders… ?

Are you glowing or is your tuna just happy to see me?

Finally confirmation of what alternative media has been reporting for a year.. sadly the alternative media was right all along. And you thought wind and fire were the strongest elements of Earth! Think again. It may simply be FISH! According to new research (research conducted of course in August of last year, but officially we … Read moreAre you glowing or is your tuna just happy to see me?

Italy in disbelief

Sky News 24 showed evacuees from the previous quake looking out of shaking tents in disbelief.. Several of the same building damaged by last week’s 6.0 are said to be further damages or coming down by today’s 5.8..

Constant shaking in Italy

CNN reporting this quote: “People are very scared. It’s been shaking non-stop for the past week,” said journalist Andrea Vogt, who was near the epicenter. (Source)Both a human and economic impact occurring, constant chairing rattling northern Italy .. And lots of others watching..

A tale of many Syria headlines

CNN: What can the world do about Syria? Alex Jones’ Infowars: Phony ‘Houla Massacre’: How Media Manipulates Public Opinion For Regime Change in Syria Russia blames ‘both sides’ for massacre Wall Street JOURNAL: Syria’s Srebrenica‎  Syria plunges towards civil war after massacre Children shot, knifed, axed to death in Syria’s Houla massacre … Who did it? Some local activists and eyewitnesses say they were from … Read moreA tale of many Syria headlines