Emotional portraits of victims of Sandy Hook massacre being painted..
A teacher hid her children in a bathroom wanted to be the last thing they heard..

Have you noticed some of the coverage on news stations of this massacre? I know I am getting a little ill thinking of newsfolks running in a feeding frenzy to get a story, abandoning principal and shoving a mic into a little crying kid’s face asking what happened in the school. It’s to the point where cops are guarding the families. And even more than that, the real news (not the blogosphere) got the shooting suspect’s name wrong, ran with it, and even published Ryan Lanza’s Facebook photo quickly just to get the scoop. Trouble was, as we know now, he didn’t do it. His brother did..

Last night on Coast to Coast AM, John B Wells hosted and seemed to get welled up with emotion when he spoke about this tragic situation. He become angry though speaking about media coverage, saying it does not honor a child to report how many bullets the body was riddled with. How true that is.

The story is troubling. No many how it is covered, someone may get angry. But it’s so sensitive, especially with such little angels of a tender age being slaughtered, that we need to be a little cautious in the hunt for the quick story..