Ayden dreamed of a white Christmas and got one.. With reindeer poop to boot

It was Ayden’s second Christmas—and first white one..

He hardly slept, with excitement about the snow along with the possibility that Santa was about to eat a chocolate chip cookie..

Fun memories.

I hope you and yours had an equally beautiful time last night and today.

Christmas almost done.

My God so is 2012..

Since we don’t know where times goes, may as well enjoy while we have it.

He got it this year. Really ‘got it’.. knew about Santa Claus. He even believed that Santa’s reindeer took a ‘poop’ on our front yard.
For a soon to be two year old, the gift opening session went pretty well.

He barely wanted to open more after a few books he liked were opened first..

We kept it minimal this year. On purpose.

Kids can be spoiled quickly. Right now, with Ayden being our only son, he is spoiled simply by default.

But there is nothing wrong with that..

It’s amazing to see innocence in the eyes of a child. Eyes that have not seen horrors or ravages of this planet. That is precisely why images of children who see those horrors make me intensely sad sometimes around this time of year.

Ayden Morris, you did well. Cheers to another year coming. Your third Christmas will be only better.

Merry Christmas to all out there. And to all a good night.