So maybe Beyoncé did knock the power out after all

The oddity surrounding the big power outage at the Super Bowl last night could not get any weirder.. An email that the Horror Report received last night from a reader joked that Beyoncé’s singing was enough to cause a power outage.. But now today in a strange twist of fate that is what some are actually blaming the power outage on!!
The story goes like this: Beyoncé was rehearsing during the week and when she did two power surges occurred in the Superdome just like the one that happened during the live game last night..

Some blamed a UFO! others that it was a curse from the cemetery that the Superdome is going on top of but this more normal everyday explanation may be the weirdest of all..

Just think about it, Beyoncé went from singing at the inauguration to lip-synching and now really singing at the Super Bowl to causing a power failure, at least according to some would think it was her..

We don’t have any official statement from Beyoncé yet whether in person or lip-synched. I am guessing that we will, or someone else to tell us exactly why the lights went out in New Orleans during the highest rated Superbowl of all time…

3:55 pm update: The NFL said it was not Beyonce that did it ..

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