In the mean time, AR1667 is poised to unleash M-class (or stronger) flares.. Developing..

What recovery!? Sears, JC Penny, Barnes, to close hundreds of store locations.. Details: Best Buy is predicted to close up to 250 stores, Barnes and Noble to close 240, Sears/KMart to close 125, JC Penny to shed 350.. Developing..

More on the big Superbowl power outage: the NY TIMES writes, “The roughly 35-minute power failure, which came just moments after the Ravens’ Jacoby Jones returned the second-half kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown, was one of the oddest moments in Super Bowl history.” .. Some New Orleans residents believe the building is cursed because it was built near the old Girod Street Cemetery.. the latest news events only will cause them to believe in the curse more..